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What are people saying about WIST?

Great question. Take a look!

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"Whether doing the groundwork of whipping an unorganized database into shape or leading the kind of hands-on training which allows our fundraising team to do their best work going forward, WIST has been an absolute godsend for our organization (not to mention our bottom line). We cannot recommend Judith and the team at WIST Data highly enough."

-Ben Aguilar, Director of Operations


"Catholic Education Foundation was in need of solutions tailored to our organization's strengths and weaknesses. Judith Youngblood and her team at WIST Data Solutions helped us streamline our database processes, leading to successes in fundraising and effective communication."

-Kevin S. Woodward, Director of Development


"Judith and the WIST Team are such great partners!  They helped us tremendously during a staff transition when previously only one member of the team really understood Raiser’s Edge. They were always available for remote sessions, phone calls, and in-person training as we navigated the world of our database. They have saved us countless hours by assisting with the clean-up of queries, letters, and reporting. It was such a great investment by our organization to spend time learning the ins and outs, and we cannot recommend and thank WIST Data enough!"

-Sam Stewart, Director of Development and External Relations

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"Judith Youngblood and the WIST team have been an invaluable resource for our clients for several years. It is unusual to find so many database capabilities in one small company: analysis, reporting, training, problem-solving, interim staffing, to name just some services that WIST has provided to our nonprofit clients. I tell clients that a fundraising program is only as good as its database, and I know that the WIST can tackle any issue."

-Mark Rountree, Executive VP

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“Maryhurst has had a very positive experience working with Judith and WIST Data Solutions. They helped us in numerous areas including database clean-up, intensive training, advising on our data suite contract, and being on-call for ongoing consulting and troubleshooting. Although data management is not what most people would consider fun, Judith brings an energy and spirit to this important process that keeps things fun and interesting. I would absolutely recommend their services to other organizations.” 

-Micah Jorrisch, Vice President of Development and Communications


"In 2019, the WHAS Crusade for Children worked with WIST Data Solutions to clean up its massive database of 95,000+ records. Judith and her team spent hours learning about the Crusade’s data challenges and, ultimately, provided solutions that would work with the uniqueness of the Crusade and its fundraising history. With clean data and standardized procedures in place moving forward, the Crusade is already experiencing positive effects of investing in this project. The Crusade’s year end appeal grew an astronomical 115% in donations between 2018 and 2019."

-Heather Benson, Director of Philanthropy

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"Judith has changed the game for Libenu's donor stewardship, pledge/gift management, and reporting (and more!).  She knows exactly how to assess if a CRM is a good choice for an organization and makes implementing a new CRM a manageable process. She is a data wizard with a fundraising background who easily translates CRM functions into organizational operations. I wish to gift the knowledge of Judith to all organizations who are trying to pick the right CRM, trying to set up a CRM, and/or trying to master the art of pulling data from their CRM."

-Lisette Zaid, Development Director


"Judith Youngblood at WIST Data Solutions made a significant difference in the way we work with eTapestry. The processes we learned from Judith were geared specific to our Foundation. For every questioned we asked, Judith had a solution. Her training was hands on, and covered a great deal of information that was delivered concisely and was easy to absorb. It was not just the information she shared, but how she shared it. She created an environment that was stress-free and full of humor. We received much more than we expected."

-Jeanne Kennedy, Executive Director

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