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Three #bbcon2020 Sessions You’ll Want to Watch Before They’re Gone

One perk to this year's Blackbaud bbcon 2020 Conference going virtual is the ability to watch, and re-watch, all the sessions are your convenience. If you register by November 11 (for free!), you can view the sessions through November 18. With so many mindful moments captured throughout the conference, WIST experts have compiled three sessions you won’t want to miss.

In this crazy year with the stress of the election and pandemic and economy and, and, and.... this session is full of practical reminders of how to keep ourselves connected, inspired, sane, hopeful - all things necessary to be able to continue being effective in our work lives and still have something left over for our personal lives.

This is a fun yet informative session led by down-to-earth, knowledgeable presenters. This is also a great session for database beginners looking for introductory content on what it means to be a database manager and how to work more efficiently and effectively. Be sure to view the chat, too! 

With a focus on healthcare, this session helps fundraising professionals better understand how to use NXT as a planning tool. The presenters in this session effectively share tips and tricks for moves management with the goal to raise more money.

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