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How Nonprofits Can Prepare for GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday, a global day of generosity the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is one of the

most impactful donor days of the year for nonprofits with over $2 billion raised in 2020. While planning and strategy for a GivingTuesday campaign often starts months in advance, here’s a couple last minute tips to make sure you’re ready for the big day.

Verify all links are active

Double check that all links in email campaigns, social posts, and webpages are active and working. By making the donor journey as seamless as possible you can maximize the number or donations received. Losing a potential donor because of a broken link or complicated user experience is avoidable if you’re well prepared.

Partner with a local small business

Consider partnering with a local small business to increase donations. If there’s a business that aligns with your mission and looking to get involved with the giving movement, consider a partnership where a percent of sales on GivingTuesday goes to your organization. You could also collaborate with a business willing to match gifts. Thinking of unique ways to partner with businesses on GivingTuesday will increase the impact of the day and encourage new donors to get involved with your organization.

Connect with your local GivingTuesday movement

Many communities have existing GivingTuesday coalitions where groups of organizations band together as a force for good. To find out if your area has a group, visit this interactive map. By participating in an existing movement, you can increase the reach of your campaign by utilizing the tools already established, like social media and web pages created to help those who want to give during GivingTuesday but might not know how to get involved.

Whatever your plans, we wish you much success in your end-of-year fundraising efforts!

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