Twenty Things to Love about Quick Letters

I’m a huge fan of using the “Quick Letters” Mail function in The Raiser’s Edge.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most underappreciated and highest functioning tools available in the software.

  1. Letters can be sent to Constituents, Relationships, Honor/Memorials or Participants.
  2. You can easily eliminate anyone with solicit codes without an additional query.
  3. Head of Household processing allows you to decide if you want the mailing to go to one or both spouses.
  4. There is an option to send mailings to Individuals who are Organization contacts at one or both addresses (provided that they are all linked correctly).
  5. Excluding records with blank addresses is easy.
  6. If your organization uses seasonal addresses, Quick Letters can help you mail to the correct address during each season.
  7. You have the option to exclude Organization records without contacts.
  8. No Query is needed to include or exclude records coded as inactive, deceased or has no valid address.
  9. You can specify which organization contacts you want to include and if you want all of the contacts the meet your criteria or just one.
  10. You can segment a mailing.
  11. You can set the Addressee/Salutation to default to Additional Add/Sals or event to a formula if need be.
  12. You can easily assign Appeals (and Packages) to track the success of a mailing.
  13. You can update Queries for the Appeal/Package assignments.
  14. The list can be sorted by Query, Zip code or Alphabetical order.
  15. You can easily include/exclude by Attributes.
  16. Though I haven’t had a use case for it, you can add, update or delete an Attribute while running Quick Letters.
  17. Should you want to do so, you can export the address in ALL CAPS.
  18. You can omit punctuation from the export with just one click.
  19. Just in case you can’t pull all of the fields that you want in Quick Letters, you can create a Static Query and link it to an Export to get all of the benefits of Quick Letters with whatever fields you need.
  20. You can choose to load a letter and mail merge directly in Quick Letters or you can use the Export function to create a mailing list in an Excel format (my go to preference).

So what about you?  Have you used Quick Letters?  If it’s intimidating or you don’t know where to start, we’d love to walk you through it.  This is a training topic that will definitely pay for itself with time saved.

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